FreeBSD Portupgrade

This is a quick rundown on a typical portupgrade on a FreeBSD system. (Thanks to Fabian Wenk)

First we need to update the information about ports.

# cd /usr/ports
# make update

Get an overview about what is new in general and list which ports need upgrading without actually upgrading right now.

# portupgrade -an
        + sysutils/portupgrade (portupgrade-20041226_5)

Do the (critical) upgrades individually. Check first what will be done in a dry run. Consider stopping daemons first and restarting them after the upgrade.

# portupgrade -rRn sysutils/portupgrade
# portupgrade sysutils/portupgrade

If there are dependencies update them at the same time with.

# portupgrade -rR sysutils/portupgrade

Do all remaining portupgrades in one go.

# portupgrade -a
Elmar Heeb, 2005/12/17 21:35:3.141478 GMT+1